SENTRY's Hexmag AR magazine designs deliver proven reliability, superior strength and exceptional value. Featuring a proprietary PolyHex2™ Advanced Composite, SENTRY offers two of the most rugged and best AR magazines for the modern sporting rifle market — the indestructible Series 2 AR-15 magazine and the heavy-duty AR-10/.308 SR-25 magazine, both families featuring the industry recognized HEXTURE™ design pattern for maximum grip, durability and performance.

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SENTRY delivers the best AR magazines because we deliver the strongest, most dependable, most versatile and best value on the market today. From patented magazine innovations to industry-first advancements, SENTRY's Hexmag is unlike any other magazine. Learn more about SENTRY'S HEXMAG DIFFERENCE …

  • 1
    patented Hexture™ surface design for superior grip LEARN MORE
  • 2
    The Self-Lubricating Anti-Tilt Follower for reliable feeding LEARN MORE
  • 3
    PolyHex2™ torture-tested magazine composite constructionLEARN MORE
  • 4
    The industry’s first ammunition identification system LEARN MORE
  • 5
    heat treated, stainless steel spring for long-term loaded storage LEARN MORE
  • 6
    One of the industry’s only lifetime warranties LEARN MORE
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