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Want to get in on the best gun magazines for sale? Look no further than Hexmag. With a diverse lineup of rifle magazines, plus gun accessories for upsell, Hexmag isn’t your run-of-the-mill magazine manufacturer. In fact, Hexmag features the first-ever color follower and baseplate system for ammunition identification, and the Hexmag accessory lineup is continually expanding. We’ve even designed magazines that work in tandem with state capacity gun laws, so there isn’t a dealer we can’t serve.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Hexmag family and start benefiting from a lineup of top-tier products, plus a team dedicated to continually innovating the shooting industry. Interested AR-15 dealers and mag dealers can fill in the form below to take the next step toward making every round count.


Hexmag is accepting applications from Brick and Mortar Stores, established Online businesses and rifle manufacturers. Please don't sign up if your business does not meet our minimum criteria or your company is a part time business. All applications are reviewed.
Hexmag Is Accepting Applications Only From Retailers And Manufacturers. An FFL Licence is Not Proof of Retail Status
Not Required In All States, States With Magazine Capacity Limits Must Provide An FFL Number
Not Required In All States. See FFL Number.
What is your FFL Type/Class? This information is on your FFL. Not Required In All States. See FFL Number.
Please include any documents that may be relevant to your state California Dealers please include California High Capacity Magazine Import Permit

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