Advanced Texture. Secure Grip.
For magazines and grips

Adding superior grip to magazines or tactical grips is as easy as peel and stick. The die-cut, self-adhesive Grip Tape is waterproof and highly abrasion resistant. Originally developed to fit into the Hexture™ design pattern of SENTRY™ products, it can be used on most any surface where you need additional grip.

  • One sheet can cover both sides of SENTRY's Hexmag
  • Available in Black or Gray
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Applying the Grip Tape is as easy as peel and stick.

  • First, clean the surface of your Hexmag magazine and tactical grip to remove all oil and dirt for better adhesion
  • Then peel and stick, pressing firmly to remove any air bubbles
  • Once you have completed your desired application of the Grip Tape, use a heat gun or hair dryer
    (no higher then 120° F) to activate the glue
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How i hexmag

The HexID system helps me identify the ammunition I use, especially in the bay-style stages. I use red for my 55-grain ammo and Hexmag orange for 77-grain caliber.

Jeremy Young 3 Gun competitor, advanced firearms instructor and former U.S. Marine

How i hexmag

Adding superior grip to Hexmag magazines or tactical grips is as easy as peel and stick. The die-cut, self-adhesive Hexmag Grip Tape is waterproof and fits perfectly into the hex-shaped cavities of Hexmag’s AR-10/Ar-15 magazines, as well as Hexmag’s tactical rifle/pistol grips.

Reanna Kadic One of the nation’s top female 3 Gun shooters
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