The team at Hexmag knows a good product when it sees one. Utilizing authorized third-party clients, shooters now have even more options when customizing their magazines, as well as an alternative to the way they shoot – with custom sticker designs and airsoft magazines.

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Hexmag Airsoft and
Dynamic Tactical

Helping our shooters expand their options at the range, Hexmag has partnered with Dynamic Tactical (Dytac) to produce an airsoft version of the Hexmag HX-AR Series 1 AR-15 magazines. Bringing the same high-quality and HexID functionality to our airsoft gun magazines, these units are made from a fiber reinforced polymer for high-performance and a sleek style. Available in 120-round versions (mid-cap), these airsoft magazines come in multiple colors and are compatible with most AEG platforms and PTW versions. For dealer inquiries, you can email: info@dytac.HK

To purchase our Hexmag airsoft magazines at an authorized retailer, please contact:

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