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The SENTRY mantra, “Live To Protect,” is more than just a clever phrase. It’s the SENTRY promise, and while this saying applies to all our customers, it means everything to our tactical community. Whether your SWAT team is supporting dangerous operations in an urban environment or it’s your platoon conducting movement towards contact in a faraway AO, you need the most dependable and rugged gear that delivers ever time. SENTRY strives to provide world-class gear and firearm accessories that live up to that promise. When duty calls, we know it’s mission critical to have equipment you can count on.



The Logan Township Police Department Official Report

Conducting the test:
SGT. Terry Walker
Magazine: HEXMAG 30 round MAGS
Ammunition: American Eagle xm-193, 55gr., FMJ
Rifle: Colt 6920 AR-5 5.56mm

On Aug. 17, 2016 at 1800H, Sgt. Walter loaded one black Hexmag magazine with 30 rounds of ammunition and utilized a second empty magazine.

Logan Township Police Department Range in Altoona, Pennsylvania
Sunny, hot and humid. 96 degrees

“This is a first-class magazine. I would have no issues using this magazine on a high-risk drug warrant or search warrant. It is likely that no magazine in the course of its duties would ever receive this much abuse. This magazine malfunctioned because it was put through abuse at a level to make it not function properly. Several of the magazines will be used in everyday duties as well as training and qualifications to see how well they hold up to everyday usage over the course of a year.” — Sgt. Terry Walter

Both magazines were left outside on a cement table to bake in the sun. Temperatures reached 98 degrees during the day and upper 50s at night. The magazines were left outside in the weather for two weeks, fully loaded to see if the feed lips would hold up in the heat with the pressure of ammunition pushing on them. During the second week, it rained several days on the magazines, and then the temperatures shot up in to the 90s. The test lasted from Aug. 17-Sept.3, 2016.


Sept. 3, 2016: The magazines held up well. There was no flex in the feed lips, and the loaded magazine retained all of the ammunition. Even on the hottest days when the magazine felt like they would melt, they retained all of the ammunition with no distortion to the feed lips.

Using a fully loaded black magazine and an empty black magazine, a test was conducted to see if the magazines cleared the Magwell when the magazine release was depressed.

25 times with empty black mag. Entered and locked up every time going in to the Magwell. Cleared the Magwell every time when the magazine release was depressed. No hangups going in or coming out. The magazine was released and dropped on to a hard slate parking lot. No damage to the magazine.

25 times with fully loaded black mag. Entered and locked up every time going in to the Magwell. Cleared the Magwell every time when the magazine release was depressed. No hangups going in or coming out. The magazine was released and dropped on to a hard slate parking lot. Striking the hard slate parking lot, the magazine retained all of its ammunition. No damage to the magazine.


The magazines performed well and did everything that was required of them. No damage to either magazine. The loaded magazine retained its ammunition.

Using the same black magazine. Sgt. Walter loaded it then put it through a rapid fire test for five cycles for a total of 150 rounds of ammunition.


Fired 150 rounds of ammunition through the magazine as fast as it could be loaded/fired. No feeding or functioning issues at all. Very reliable in this test. Bolt locked to the rear on the last round every time.

Using the same black magazine, it was loaded to its maximum of 30 rounds. The magazine was taken to the top of a cliff about 50 feet up and tossed into the air about another 25 feet up for a total of about 75 feet. The magazine impacted with the slate ground of the range. NOTE: Walker expected all or most of the ammunition to come out on impact.


On launch, none of the rounds came out of the magazine. On impact, the magazine retained 29 rounds; only one round came out on impact. The magazine stayed together and did not sustain any damage. The magazine was reloaded with 30 rounds and it functioned with zero malfunctions.

The same black magazine was placed down range empty at about 10 yards. The magazine was shot three times with the rifle.


Took the magazine back to truck to inspect. Removed floor plate and observed that the follower spring had been shot and bent but not broken by one of the rounds. Attempted several times to break the follower spring using a piece of steel and some rebar. Was not able to break follower spring but did damage it. Put magazine back together and loaded 30 rounds of ammunition in it. NOTE: Walter did not expect magazine to function properly. He expected that not all of the rounds would feed because of the damaged follower spring. Magazine functioned like it was new. It was a little tough to load because of the follower rubbing against the side of the magazine where it was shot, but it fed and cycled every round of ammunition that was in it.

Drove over mag with Chevrolet 2500HD. Then parked on top of the magazine and turned steering wheel.


Attempted to load the magazine with 30 rounds of ammunition. There was some damage to the follower and it took some effort to get the mag loaded. Magazine would not function after this test. The follower and the follower spring were damaged to a degree that it would not allow the rounds to feed properly.

TACTICAL magazines, Gear, and Accessories


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