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How i hexmag

Adding superior grip to Hexmag magazines or tactical grips is as easy as peel and stick. The die-cut, self-adhesive Hexmag Grip Tape is waterproof and fits perfectly into the hex-shaped cavities of Hexmag’s AR-10/Ar-15 magazines, as well as Hexmag’s tactical rifle/pistol grips.

Reanna Kadic One of the nation’s top female 3 Gun shooters

How i hexmag

I like that you can easily and quickly change the color of the button on the bottom of the floor plate. This helps me instantly distinguish magazines charged with 5.56mm from those charged with 300Blk. Keeping these two calibers separate is critically necessary, and an ongoing challenge as 300Blk continues to gain in popularity.

John Farnam Defense Training International, Inc.

How i hexmag

I haven’t seen a Series 2 yet, but I have 20 Series 1 and I love them. Light and great grip. My 5-year-old daughter gets a kick out of changing the followers out to different colors. She can change them out in 20 seconds.

Brett Ousley Hexmag customer

How i hexmag

You guys are the best! Received my new mags the same week you replied to me and I couldn't ask for more! You have the best customer service I've worked with and your product is incredible. Keep up the good work Hexmag!

Jeremy Shures Hexmag customer

How i hexmag

I love their mags. They’re totally awesome. … But the Hexmag, let’s face it, it’s a stylish looking mag. There’s a lot of awesome little accessories out there that make it a really cool mag.

IV8888 Man Can

How i hexmag

Hexmag is the only magazine I’ve ever used. It’s all I’ve ever run, and I’ve never had a single problem.

Sarah Shotwell 3 Gun Netherlands Team

How i hexmag

I left the magazines fully loaded for a couple months to see if the feed lips would fail. I’m happy to say they did not! I also left them loaded in my cruiser for the same amount of time overnight, exposing them to sub-zero temperatures (-26 F). Next, I subjected them to a training day where many forms of fire were performed, from single steady shots to rapid fire, with both FMJ ammunition and polymer tipped hollow point .223. During changes, the magazines were dropped in the snow and later recovered. Through all this, they performed flawlessly! Thanks again for providing a great product that will be highly recommended!

Corporal Ethan Vaillancourt Antrim Police Department
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