HEXMAG Tactical Grip Tape


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Adding superior grip to magazines or tactical grips is as easy as peel and stick. The die-cut, self-adhesive HEXMAG's Grip Tape is waterproof and highly abrasion-resistant. Originally developed to fit into the HEXTURE™ design pattern of HEXMAG® magazine and tactical grip products, it can be used on almost any surface where you need additional grip.  

Features / Specifications:

  • One sheet can cover both sides of a HEXMAG®
  • Peel and stick and can be easily trimmed to fit with a razor blade 
  • Grip Tape is die-cut in full hexagons 

Application Instructions:

  • Clean the surface of the magazine or accessory with a lint free cloth and rubbing alcohol or similar before applying
  • Once applied, lightly heat the Grip Tape to the temperature of a warm cup of coffee with a heat gun or hair dryer to set the adhesive
  • Do not heat over 130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • if you want to completely cover the magazine you will need to cut the hexagons down to match the pattern on the magazine