HEXMAG 7-Slot KeyMod Rail Cover (4 Pack)


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One of HEXMAG's® low-profile rail covers, the KeyMod® rail system is the ultimate style and protection for your handguard. HEXMAG® KeyMod® rail covers are made from heat-resistant, high-performance, non-slip rubber and are engineered to protect shooters and their equipment.  Designed with the HEXMAG® signature pattern, these rail covers use the patented Wedgelok® technology securing system to hold it securely to your handguard. When installing simply press each section firmly into each Keymod® slot. Once the Wedgelok® is in place it will expand and lock in behind the handguard.


Features / Specifications:

  • Can be cut down for shorter lengths to fit around optics or hand stops
  • Molded rubber grip with the iconic HEXTURE™ design pattern for increased grip
  • Made in the U.S.A.