SENTRY Solutions BP-2000™ Powder

Sentry Solutions

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SENTRY BP-2000 Powder is a unique dry lubricant for trigger jobs, fine-tuning feed ramps, bores, bolts and slides. Made for the enthusiast, competitor, and gunsmiths needing maximum lubricity. Made from pure powdered sub-micron, passivated molybdenum disulfide with natural micro-bonding to metal. Works on all types of metal.

SENTRY BP-2000™ Powder Features:

  • Reduces coefficient of friction, smooths and lightens trigger pulls. Works great on sears and trigger bows.
  • When used in combination with SENTRY SMOOTH-KOTE, friction is reduced by as much as an additional 20%, compared to oiled surfaces.
  • Eliminates trigger creep for a crisp release and reset
  • Aids barrel break in by reducing the number of rounds needed for the break in process
  • Oil-free and dry surfaces are non-stick – clean by brushing off and re-lubing