SENTRY Solutions Hi-Slip™ Grease 2oz Jar

Sentry Solutions

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SENTRY HI-SLIP grease lubricates, waterproofs, and prevents rust even in saltwater. All the benefits of oil but stays put – will not migrate and protects surfaces in temperatures from -54ºC/-65ºF to 343ºC/650ºF. Synthetic blend exceeds mil-specs for moly grease. Lubricates and prevents galling on all types of metal including stainless steel, blued metal, titanium and aluminum. Prevents corrosion from salt water, powder residue, and sweat. Concentrated and extremely long lasting - a little goes a very long way.

Specifications / Features:

  • Excellent for silky smooth actions
  • Great for locking lugs, easier lock-up
  • Prevents galling even under high loads and extreme conditions
  • Aids gunsmiths and knife makers in assembly tasks - holds springs and washers in place
  • 56ML / 2oz Jar